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Happy Earth Day, BEEF Producers!

limi-calves.jpgIt's Earth Day, and while farmers and ranchers don't need a special day to appreciate nature, I truly believe this is a day of celebration. Food producers work hard every single day as stewards of the land and caregivers to livestock. There is going to be a lot of talk in online forums about this big day, and I hope that agriculturalists aren't left out of the discussion. My challenge is for each and every one of you to step out of your comfort zone to talk to someone outside of agriculture today. Tell them about your role as an environmentalist. Correct a few misconceptions about agriculture and the environment. Reach out to make a connection with someone new. Finally, share your stories in the comment section. As a cattle producer, what do you do to care for the planet every day? In the meantime, I have compiled a few great examples of folks that are getting out to share the agriculture story on Earth Day. Also, check out Earth Day tweets in real time to hear what others have to say. Happy Earth Day, BEEF Producers! We are the original environmentalists!


This photo was recently sent my way. Taken in Washington D.C. by Mike Callicrate, this photograph is of a protest against the "Cow Fart Tax." Have you ever seen smog over a cattle ranch? Yeah, me either.

This Care & Respect Campaign, sponsored by the Kansas Farm Bureau sets an excellent precedent for others to follow. Consumers want to know more about the people who produce their food. No one tells this story more effectively than those who live it 24/7. After things slow down post-graduation, I might have to compile a few myself.

Next up, blogger and veterinarian Steve McDonald writes at Rural Vet Windshield Time, and I think his blog entry is worth noting. Check it out at Earth Day...We've Been Having them 12,000 Years, Give or Take.

Finally, National Beef Ambassador and Pennsylvania beef producer, Jennifer Rassler, put together this video to celebrate Earth Day. Thanks for all of your great efforts to tell the agriculture story in unique ways! You are all shining stars in my book!

Quick BEEF Daily Fact: Did you see yesterday's news headlines? Check this one out: Animal rights activist on FBI's 'Most Wanted Terrorists' list.