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Has Your Area Had Drought Relief This Winter?

Article-Has Your Area Had Drought Relief This Winter?

winter moisture offers drought relief

Cattlemen are sure an optimistic group. At every cattle sale I’ve attended so far this winter, the prices of bulls and bred heifers have been stellar. Despite the worst drought we’ve seen in 50 years, it looks like ranchers are either confident it’s going to rain or have stockpiled enough roughage to get through another year. 

Even though drought, feed prices and feed availability have forced a continued downsizing in the national cowherd, surveys show most producers are very optimistic about the future. And I believe that the high prices we are seeing in the spring livestock sales are evidence of that.

In my area, we’ve had an unusually mild and open winter, with the exception of a few snowstorms. In February, we received about 10 in. of snow, and this past weekend, we received another 3 in. of rain, as well as a couple of inches of snow. We are excited that our stock dams have filled up, and hopeful that even though the ground is frozen, that some of that moisture is able to soak into the soil. 


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I continue to pray for some additional timely rains this spring, so we can get a decent hay crop and have some green grass for summer grazing.

This week’s online poll at asks, “Has winter helped your moisture situation?”

With 83 votes so far, 35% say “definitely,” while another 34% say “somewhat.” In addition, 24% say “very little,” and 7% say “not at all.”

How are you sitting for moisture? Vote in the poll, and let us know how much rain or snow you’ve received in your neck of the woods by reporting in the comments section below.


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