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Health Publication Lists 8 Foods That Pack On Muscle

Want to look leaner and have bigger muscles? Then chances are you’re already eating muscle-building foods like beef. Ranchers will be happy to know that Men’s Health magazine lists beef in its list of eight foods that will help build those biceps.

Adam Campbell writes, “If muscles were made from chips and beer, we'd look huge. But they aren't, and we don't—unless you count that sack o' fat up front and dead center. If not Doritos, then what? We decided to delve deep into the human anatomy to find the secret spot on every muscle where the word 'ingredients' is stamped. With the help of Jeff Volek, Ph.D., R.D., an exercise and nutrition researcher at the University of Connecticut, and a really big magnifying glass, we found it. Eight foods are on the list: eggs, almonds, olive oil, salmon, steak, yogurt, water, and coffee. Add these ingredients to your stomach and faithfully follow the directions on the package—Lift heavy weights—and you can whip up a batch of biceps in no time.”

Beef was number six on the list.

The article continues: “How beef builds muscle: More than just a piece of charbroiled protein, beef is also a major source of iron and zinc, two crucial muscle-building nutrients. Plus, it's the number-one food source of creatine—your body's energy supply for pumping iron—2 grams for every 16 ounces. For maximum muscle with minimum calories, look for rounds or loins—butcherspeak for meat cuts that are extra-lean. Or check out the new flat iron cut. It's very lean and the second-most tender cut of beef overall.

“How it keeps you healthy: Beef is a storehouse for selenium. Stanford University researchers found that men with low blood levels of the mineral are as much as five times more likely to develop prostate cancer than those with normal levels.”

You can read the entire article here.

I’m very pleased to see an increasing number of positive articles about beef as it relates to health. It’s also exciting to see many Team Beef runners competing in races this summer, and showing their fellow athletes that beef makes a great protein source, and it tastes better than a dry chicken breast or expensive protein bar or shake, too.

Have you seen any pro-beef articles in consumer magazines? Email me the stories at I would love to read them!


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