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Here Comes MCOOL

This week marks the beginning of the BEEF Daily Blog. You may have read that I’m a South Dakota cattle producer and a college student. What you haven’t read is that I’m not afraid to dig into the big issues facing the industry today. I’m not scared to stand strong by my beliefs, and I’m not worried about blasting them to the world. I hope you will join me every Monday through Thursday as I dive into some of the hot topics of the agriculture industry today. Love me, or hate me; it’s not so important. What’s important is healthy discussion. So don’t hold back, let me have it. Only then, will we discover some of the vital truths about our industry’s issues.

Speaking of issues. The clear hot topic of today is Mandatory Country of Origin Labeling (MCOOL), as today marks MCOOL’s national debut. For many, this symbolizes the day producers can finally begin to promote American born and raised beef. For others, it represents dollars billowing out of their hands in the wind. For consumers, it means security of knowing where their beef comes from, but it also could be a detriment, that yes, consumers know where their meat comes from.

Wherever you stand on MCOOL, one thing is for sure, with high input costs facing cattlemen today, coupled with even higher grocery and fuel bills straining the pockets of consumers, MCOOL could certainly be a tough sell for all involved. Whether we are ready or not, MCOOL is here to stay, today. We will soon see the economic impacts of this government program unfold, and I’ll be ready to blog about it with laptop in hand.