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Home Sweet Home

Article-Home Sweet Home

100_0297.JPG Over the weekend, my family and friends celebrated my graduation from South Dakota State University at my house in Brookings, S.D. Thanks to all of my agriculture friends for the nice messages of support and congratulations. While it's often hard to say goodbye to a chapter closing in one's life, it's definitely time for a change of pace, and I'm ready for a new beginning in the next chapter of life.

img_1060.JPGI moved all of my belongings home yesterday afternoon, just in time to help move a load of cow/calf pairs to pasture. Upon my return home, Dad said, "Mandy, you are always writing on that blog about coming home to your agriculture roots; well, it starts now. Let's get to work."

img_1063.JPG Home sweet home, right? However, this kind of work is welcome. With my camera in tow, these were the images I viewed yesterday evening at home. It's hard to fathom that people can think beef cattle production is bad for the environment when you're surrounded by tranquility and beauty like this. It's hard to believe that there are animal rights activists out there that want to see all of this go away. Yet, we must look at the world with optimism, and I'm feeling pretty positive about the future of agriculture.

Despite my optimism, there are always things we can discuss to improve and ideas to expand upon. And, this blog is all about you. Today I want to know the topic areas you would like to discuss in the upcoming weeks. How can this blog help you? Let me know.

Quick BEEF Daily Fact: There are more than a billion cattle in the world, about 200 million in India.