Horse Slaughter Ban Still A Hot Topic

img_1983.JPGWithout a doubt, the ban on horse slaughter in the U.S. has been one of the top issues of late, igniting passion among consumers, ranchers, horse lovers, activists and the media. Defining livestock vs. pets, examining the unintended consequences of the ban, and trying to outline reasonable solutions make this topic a never-ending conversation.

The latest BEEF poll, found at asks, "As a beef producer, do you favor the U.S. ban on horse slaughter?"

With almost 1,500 votes cast so far, 63% of respondents say, “Yes, it’s inhumane and people shouldn’t be eating horses.” And, another 36% say, “No, the ban is bad for both horses and horse owners.”

What's your take on this issue? Take a minute to vote in our poll and add your two cents to the comments section below.

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