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How’s Your Crop Looking?

How’s Your Crop Looking?

Things are looking a little crispy around my part of eastern South Dakota. Although we got around 9 in. of total rain in May, we haven’t seen a drop since. Because we were so saturated earlier this summer, I think it helped the subsoil and is helping our corn crop survive this extreme heat and dry weather.

Head south of town, however, which didn’t receive the flood and rains we did in May, and it’s a whole other story. The corn is parched and tasseling with very few ears on each stalk.

Although we got a first cutting of hay and another of alfalfa, we could use some rain to get a second cutting. My dad is stocking up on straw bales following the wheat harvest in anticipation of a shortage of feed and skyrocketing corn prices. He says if it comes down to it, we will pour liquid feed on the straw to feed the cows.

With competition for corn growing and drought continuing to stagger the Corn Belt, this week’s online poll question at asks: “How high will corn prices go?”

With 146 votes in, 68% of you say corn prices will be above $8 (I hope you’re all wrong, but I understand the worry!) Another 27% say corn will be around $7. And, 5% of you say corn will be priced at $6.

What do you think? Vote in our poll here, and tell us in the comment section about the growing conditions in your area.  

How’s the corn crop in your neck of the woods? How much rain have you gotten this summer? How high do you think corn prices will go? Are you concerned about feeding your cattle through the winter?

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