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HSUS Closes Doors to Agriculture, Store Owner Cancels Meeting

n63779422931_2048.jpg “Want to find out how you can help animals? The Humane Society of the U.S. (HSUS) invites our members, supporters and other animal advocates to a grassroots meeting to discuss current issues affecting animals. If you are concerned about local animal issues or just interested in creating a more compassionate South Dakota, you should attend this informative meeting to learn how you can take action for animals. Remember to bring your ideas, concerns and questions, and don’t forget to invite your friends. RSVP today to lend your hand and make a difference for the animals in South Dakota! Please tell all your friends. Hope to see you there!”

The above invitation was sent out by HSUS, which currently has a full-time staff member located in South Dakota. The proposed meeting was to be held on Aug. 25 at Oh My Cupcakes, a locally owned shop in downtown Sioux Falls. Interestingly enough, when several agriculture groups and producers responded to the invite and sent in their RSVPs, they were surprised to learn that they were quickly uninvited to the event.

Darci Adams, the HSUS state director for South Dakota, sent out an email to anyone with ties to the agriculture industry that read, “Perhaps you’ve been misinformed, but this is not a public event. This is a private gathering for members of HSUS and supporters who want to get involved in our work to alleviate animal cruelty.”

Adams offered to meet with the farmers and ranchers at a “separate, more appropriate setting.” Unlike my counterparts, I was just planning on showing up to the meeting, leaving my boots at home and carrying a checkbook in hand. (I figured that would give me an all-access pass to the meeting!) However, the meeting was canceled after the owner of the shop that was to host the event received a few phone calls from producers sharing their disappointment with her affiliation with HSUS. She felt hoodwinked by HSUS, she said, especially because she is a strong supporter of local farmers and ranchers, purchasing her eggs and milk from area farmers to make her delicious cupcakes.

What are you afraid of, HSUS? Why couldn’t farmers and ranchers attend your meeting? How does it feel to know a local business didn’t want to be connected to you? What’s your next plan to deceive consumers once they know that you aren’t connected to local animal shelters?

I thought all of you might like to know what’s going on in my neck of the woods. Remember to keep it positive and continue working to educate others about the true mission of HSUS, which is to abolish animal agriculture and eliminate meat, dairy and eggs from the American diet. For more information on this subject, check out

5569_106376182964_106341427964_2358075_7591967_n.jpgOh, and by the way, the next time you swing through Sioux Falls, be sure to stop at Oh My Cupcakes and enjoy one of their sweet treats. I look forward to trying fun flavors like "The Marilyn" and "Party Animal."