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HSUS Reveals True Characters in 'Words and Guns' Speech

wayne-pacelle.jpg This blog is beginning to feel like a tabloid as I report the ridiculous stunts the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) continues to pull to push forward their number one agenda of abolishing American animal agriculture. However, I feel its increasingly important for producers to understand and recognize the serious threat this organization poses for cattlemen. While most of their efforts are portrayed in the media as noble and earnest efforts on behalf of dogs and cats, we all know better than that. And, finally, HSUS has revealed a piece of their dark side to their supporters. In a recent rally held in Los Angeles, the Center for Consumer Freedom found their way in just in time to listen to HSUS President Wayne Pacelle present a speech that showed the true character of the organization.

Quote of the Week, by Center for Consumer Freedom

In front of a hand-picked crowd of HSUS supporters who attended last night’s “town hall meeting” at the Ebell of Los Angeles, Pacelle rallied the troops with a fight song:

"We have to create a clamor for change ... You can get further with a kind word and a gun than a kind word alone."

He attributed the latter quote to notorious gangster Al Capone, who seems like an odd inspiration for a supposedly peaceful movement. But animal-rights extremists are far from peaceful. One of Pacelle’s own staffers, Josh Balk, told the HSUS-sponsored “Taking Action For Animals” that “there are very few instances that companies just refuse to move with a friendly conversation … The animals can’t wait for people to come to a revelation themselves. Sometimes it does take force.”

HSUS sounds more and more like PETA and the terrorist Animal Liberation Front every day.

Hmm, interesting indeed. Be sure to read the entire article at the Center for Consumer Freedom, and pass it on to those who should know about this dangerous organization.

BEEF Daily Quick Fact: It’s been well documented that HSUS spends only a tiny fraction – less than four percent – of its budget directly funding animal shelters. (Source: 7 Things You Didn't Know About HSUS)