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HSUS Says Michael Vick Can Own Animals, But Farmers Can't

6a00d83452e09d69e20148c6cd31c3970c-800wi.jpg Recently, the Humane Society of the U.S. (HSUS), which has worked hard to eliminate animal ownership of any kind, is now endorsing Michael Vick, who was convicted for dog-fighting. Confused? So was I when I read that HSUS CEO Wayne Pacelle hypocritically said two weeks ago, “Michael Vick would do a good job as pet owner.”

This huge contradiction hasn't gone unnoticed, and Rick Berman editorializes in The Daily Caller (Washington, D.C.) that Pacelle's statements should, "raise more red flags than a Chinese parade."

In reference to the Vick endorsement, Berman notes, "If that seems out of the mainstream, or sounds like something your local humane society would never say, you’re on to something. It turns out that HSUS — despite the puppies, kitties and animal welfare messages in its fundraising materials — is actually an animal rights group. That’s a horse of a very different color. Think about the notorious wackos at PETA. HSUS is just PETA in a suit and tie. The two groups share the same goals, but HSUS goes about its work without naked interns or red-paint bombs.”

He adds, “No one should deny animal activists the right to argue for their preferred worldview. If Scientologists and Raelian cultists have free-speech rights, practitioners of the animal-worship religion should, too. But, when you’re a PETA knock-off with a bigger bank account, some transparency is in order. Especially when your staff includes a key decision-maker who has endorsed violence and arson.”

Yet, 71% of Americans think the organization is an “umbrella group” for pet shelters. And 59% of Americans think HSUS gives “most of its money” to pet shelters. That’s a lot of good-hearted folks who have been duped into sending their $19.99/month as the HSUS commercials urge people to do.

"It turns out that America doesn’t actually have a real 'national humane society,'" concludes Berman. "There simply is no big umbrella group that raises money for the pet shelter in your community. If you want to support your local humane society, you’re going to have to do it yourself. Don’t expect HSUS’s leaders to send your donation back into your community. They need that money to outlaw chicken nuggets."

It seems these key messages about HSUS are becoming more mainstream. As always, education is critical in showing Americans the true agenda of this anti-animal agriculture organization. What do you think of Berman's take on HSUS? If you agree, pass this article on to friends and family.