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HSUS Zealots Leave No Stone Unturned

ncbq_autumn2011_cover.jpg The Humane Society of the U.S. (HSUS) is a busy organization -- lobbying to abolish animal agriculture and promote a vegan society. With its $130 million annual budget, they have the means to push forward influential campaigns, ugly lawsuits, slick ballot initiatives and smooth lobbying campaigns. Targeting animal lovers, children and even ranchers, HSUS is a dangerous, well-funded group with a new target -- churchgoers.

A new Bioethics Journal article examines four compelling reasons churches should flee the food morality movement. National Catholic Bioethics Quarterly explains why congregations flirting with the fashionable righteousness of Earth Day foodie-ism are entertaining a false prophet.

An excerpt from the article reads, "Truth in Food author Kevin Murphy tracks the pervasive reach of political environmentalism and animal rights-driven activism into the daily ministry of numerous Christian denominations. Required reading for anyone who believes in separation of church and plate, Murphy's extensive examination outlines four compelling reasons churches are working against their own mission by supporting the underlying politics of the movement. First, it undercuts the mission to feed the hungry. Second, it advances some underlying politics churches may not endorse. Third, the radical elements of the Food Morality Movement seek to disrupt the created order as Christians understand it. Finally, by diminishing His greatest creation, the movement ultimately diminishes the Creator."

Does HSUS have no boundaries? The answer is clear as they target faith-filled Christians during the Christmas season. Read more about it here. Do you think churches should get involved in politics and the food movement?

Not only has HSUS been busy manipulating the church, they have been in the news quite often lately. Here's a roundup to keep you abreast of all the issues:

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