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Hurray. It’s Snow... At Last!

winter moisture

Some of the tougher drought areas got blasted with a really big snowstorm this week. The amazing thing about people suffering through a drought is that you won’t find them complaining about moisture in any form. They might be in the middle of calving season, but they’ll welcome below-zero temperatures and blizzard conditions if it means a foot of snow.

Of course, one large storm won’t break a drought, but it sure does wonders for lifting people’s attitudes. As I’m writing this, we’ve probably had 4-5 in. of snow on our ranch, and the weatherman is calling for another 3-5 in. I understand that isn’t that much snow; nor does it convert to that much actual moisture. But it’s the largest moisture event we’ve had in more than 26 months!

I have to admit that, as I’ve aged, snow had taken on a more negative connotation. As a kid, it meant no school, sledding and fun. As an adult, it generally just translates into additional work and more problems. This year, however, I’m looking at snow as being nothing short of a beautiful event, even if the stuff is blowing sideways!

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