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I Deal With Super Mamas Every Day; In The House & Out

I Deal With Super Mamas Every Day; In The House & Out

Some of you may be familiar with our logo or brand, which promotes our seedstock operation as "the home of the Super Mamas." I think it’s fitting because, though every rancher I know takes pride in his bulls, they also realize that the cowherd is really the lifeblood of the operation.

I think this applies to humans as well. Sure, the dad has an important role in the family, but the mom is typically the glue that holds it all together. The analogy probably isn’t the most complimentary, but I think most rancher’s wives can appreciate that I mean it as a sincere compliment.

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After all, everyone knows that giving birth doesn’t make a cow a good mother, and it likewise takes a very special woman to be a mother. I love my kids in a way I didn’t know was possible before I became a father, but a mother’s love is greater somehow. I think only a mother is so willing to take the responsibility of investing her life so completely into another human being.

I think most dads come to realize that a mom’s role is supreme. And perhaps it is that realization that gives many of us fathers an excuse for not always fulfilling our roles as totally as we should; after all, we know mom will pick up the slack.

I’m so thankful for the mother of my children and my own mom. They both lead by example, and never waiver in their love or commitment. In fact, there is no greater embodiment of love in life than the love of a mother. They see the best in their children, and inspire them to accomplishments children often don’t see themselves capable of.

A woman’s positive influence also often drives their spouses. President Ronald Reagan once drew the ire of feminists – which he didn’t find too difficult – by saying something to the effect that if it weren’t for women, men would still be living in caves. I think there’s a lot of truth to that.

The fact is that moms provide the foundation we all need for life. The women in my life have deep personal relationships with God and live it daily. Their teaching, nurturing and example inspire their children to seek that same kind of genuine faith. You don’t realize it when you’re growing up, but I now see how it has progressed from generation to generation.

I’m particularly comforted by knowing that, largely thanks to my wife, our daughter will carry it forward to her family; and that my sons will not only grow and develop from their mother’s love and example, but will seek the same qualities in the spouse they will choose one day. I know that I first noticed my wife’s lovely smile and eyes, but I was most attracted by her faith in God and strength of character.

What really makes moms special is their unfailing willingness to serve those they love, to judge without being judgmental, and to be unpopular when it’s needed, because they are fixed on the quality of person they want their child to develop into. I will forever be thankful for the special love that only moms can provide. 

Happy Mother’s Day!


Troy Marshall’s opinions are not necessarily those of or the Penton Farm Progress Group.


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