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Increase Value of Replacement Heifers While Managing Costs

feedyard.jpg For producers looking to increase the value of their replacement heifers while managing costs, there are many points to consider. Because heifers are so important to a beef cattle operation, it’s critical to follow proper protocols to take care of their nutritional needs while maximizing fertility and reproductivity. Speaking on this topic at the 2010 Cattle Industry Annual Convention and Trade Show in San Antonio, TX at the American National Cattle Women (ANCW) educational workshop was H. Nielson from Novartis. Nielson presented an opportunity for producers to take advantage of a program called Healthy Heifer, the first and only value-added program to simplify a heifer management program while maximizing the long-term value of the cow herd.

Whether a producer is planning to retain ownership of females or purchase replacement heifers, it’s important to pay close attention to quality of genetics and past performance, while putting together development protocols to follow. Nielson spoke on behalf of Novartis Healthy Heifer program, a system that focuses on five key management areas:

1. Prenatal Care

2. Colostrum Management

3. Nutrition

4. Vaccination

5. Growth and Development.


Listen to a segment of Nielson's speech from San Antonio below. What tips and tricks have worked best for you over the years as you develop heifers? Share your thoughts, advice and experiences in the comments section below.

BEEF Daily Quick Fact: Genetics, nutrition, environment, vaccinations, respiratory healthy, and fertility are huge factors that play a role in a heifer’s development. By establishing and following a basic set of development protocols, producers can get the best bang for their buck. For more information on the Novartis Healthy Heifer program, check out their website.