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Industry List Inspires Me To Do More

Article-Industry List Inspires Me To Do More

Amanda Radke Honored In Industry Achievement List

Day in and day out, cattle ranchers work hard to take care of the land and their animals, while producing wholesome beef to feed the world. A small minority of Americans -- under 2% of the population -- are directly involved in production agriculture, and it’s rare that they are recognized for their hard work. I believe there are so many great individuals in this industry who deserve a pat on the back or a simple “thank you” for what they do.

While this blog keeps me busy writing about the great people involved in the U.S. cattle industry, I was honored this month to receive some recognition for my work in the industry. October has certainly been an exciting month for me. If you read BEEF Editor Joe Roybal’s most recent column, you heard that I was recognized by Folio! magazine in its 2012 Top 15 Under 30 list of emerging young writers and editors in the publishing world. 

It was an unexpected surprise to be recognized for my writing, and I was deeply humbled to be included in the list. I was equally surprised and humbled by being included in the Cattle Business Weekly’s 2012 Top 10 Industry Leaders Under 40 list released this week.

The list includes individuals like former Miss America Teresa Scanlan, who spent her year as queen promoting agriculture as the backbone of the nation’s economy; Dane Rauschenberg, who ran 52 marathons in 52 weeks, all while eating lots of beef and encouraging other athletes to do the same; and Adam Redland, head auctioneer at Worland Livestock and a Wyoming sheep and cattle rancher who believes in communicating with elected officials to protect agriculture’s interests.

These individuals inspire me to do more and be more for the beef industry. Luckily, I have the opportunity to do so in the upcoming months. As a member of the South Dakota Cattlemen’s Auxiliary, we are using beef checkoff dollars to donate roasts to food pantries for Thanksgiving and Christmas, as well as award Beef Bucks to listeners on the radio. I’m in charge of writing a script and preparing a prime rib for a holiday beef commercial, which will be taped at my house this November. I’m also looking forward to attending my first meeting in December as a new director for the South Dakota Beef Industry Council, where I will get to play a role in how our checkoff dollars are used throughout the state.

There are many ways to get involved, and for me, promoting beef is just as important as raising it. As a rancher, it’s a part of my job description. And, while being recognized for my work is great, it really just inspires me to keep doing more for this industry that I love.

By the way, as promised, today, I’m giving away a $50 Roper Apparel gift certificate for the best caption idea for this photo by Lauren Chase.

Congratulations to Steve Downs with “OK, Girls, you all head on into town and get your fun out, but mind you, you better be back before dark this time.”

The next photo caption contest will start on Oct. 29, with another chance to win a $50 Roper Apparel gift certificate. Thanks to all who participated in this week’s contest!

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