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It Takes Heart

This past weekend, we preg-checked our cowherd, shuffling them through the working tub as the veterinarian administered his examinations, occasionally using ultrasound technology to better pinpoint their due dates.

The day went by smoothly as we missed out on the rain that followed that afternoon and only a handful of females were late or open. By most people’s standards, this would constitute as a good day, but for me, the day wasn’t so hot.

You see, of the handful of open cows, I own four of them. Now, this isn’t my first time having to sell cull cows that didn’t quite make the cut. It’s a fact of life and a harsh reality at times to let go of some of your most prized females. This year, however, hit really close to home. All four of these cows had great significance to me as they were all past show heifers, and I guess you could say that I’m kind of a sad girl.

To say the least, I was hit with a harsh reality this weekend, one of love and loss. One that everyone of you is feeling in the face of high input costs, low market prices and a panic as over 240,000 cattlemen have exited the beef industry this year. As today’s headline states, we need to have a cool head during these economic hardships. It’s going to take heart to survive our financial challenges, but I know things will start to look up soon.

I always try to find optimism in times like these, and I have decided that instead of being sad about my four, prized females, I’m going to thank my lucky stars that a semi-truck isn’t coming to load up the entire herd. I imagine I’m struggling with the same things as a lot of you. I hope you will share some of those thoughts with me because, after all, comparing notes with your neighbor is the best way to survive and find economic success.