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I've Got Your Social Media 411. You Ask, I Answer.

top-10.png Last week, I spoke to two different youth groups, the Minnesota Agriculture Ambassadors Institute and Minnesota 4-H livestock exhibitors. I had the chance to coach these kids as they worked to become effective spokespersons and advocates for the animal agriculture industry. We utilized the social media tools that they are already well-accustomed to using in order to accomplish our goals and spread the positive word about agriculture. Having the opportunity to work with these young people, I was impressed with their budding passions and enthusiasm for this business, as well as the professional ways they represented farmers and ranchers.

Like all of you, they are well-versed in their respective industries, and they were excited to start sharing their stories with consumers. Just as many producers I have worked with in the past, they also have many questions about how they can use social media networks to connect with these consumers.

Today, I would like to offer the chance for all of you to send me your questions, comments and concerns about using social media as a tool to reach out to our consumers. If you're a pro at these tools, what advice would you have for other producers? If you're a beginner, what questions do you have about Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, blogs and other online networks? Share your thoughts with me in the comments section below. And, remember that you can follow BEEF updates on both Facebook and Twitter, so become a fan and follower today!