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Keeping a Watchful Eye on HSUS

header2.jpg If you haven't checked out HumaneWatch, the new watchdog project dedicated to analyzing the activities of the Humane Society of the U.S. (HSUS), then now is the time to do so. As you are all aware by now, I keep a close eye on this well-oiled lobbying machine, and through word of mouth, my goal has always been to educate consumers about the organization's main mission to abolish meat, dairy and egg products from the American diet while putting farmers and ranchers out of business. This ideology doesn't jibe with 99% of Americans, yet the organization is able to use emotions to manipulate a cozy budget of $200 million annually to achieve their goals.

And, while I've worked hard to spread the word, my ever-cautious dad has reminded me that my efforts might put me in jail. (I always chuckle when he tells me this.) However, all jokes aside, HumaneWatch is finally an organization that is keeping a critical eye on this organization, and are working to expose the activities of HSUS, so that consumers who really care about animal welfare will no longer be duped by this political giant. (The folks at HumaneWatch must have plenty of good lawyer protection power to mess with HSUS!)

david_and_wrigley_small.jpg HumaneWatch is the pet project of David Martosko. Here is what he has to say about his new blog and website:

"The dog-watchers at the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) need their own watchdog too. HSUS now has an annual budget around the size of an NFL payroll. It has become too big and too unaccountable. Someone has to pay closer attention. This blog is one researcher’s attempt to make sense of what’s going on inside that sprawling organization."

Cheers to David Martosko and HumaneWatch. What an outstanding resource to educate folks about the true intent of H$U$. May the world now know...