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Keystone Pipeline: A Yay Or A Nay?

Should construction of the Keystone XL pipeline be approved? That’s this week’s poll question on the BEEF magazine homepage. With 154 votes in, 87% say, “Yes, we need the jobs and energy.” Meanwhile, 11% say, “No, the environmental aspects must be studied more.” A remaining 1% aren’t sure. We hope you will take a minute to vote, but one reader hopes to generate a better discussion through this blog.

I recently received this email from a reader, and I thought I would share some points to consider on the topic of the Keystone XL pipeline.

Dear Amanda,

As a long time reader of your magazines and information systems, I like your approach! I do have a concern when you ask questions that should not just be surveyed on “yes,” “no” or “none of the above.” The latest on the pipeline question for instance is so misleading and shortsighted that it should not be answered on a “popular” vote majority but after some understanding what is at stake.

First point, I do drive a diesel-fueled Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD. Why is diesel fuel now $.75 more/gal. vs. gasoline? And, the spread is even more when ethanol is included. This is not acceptable and is just the opposite in most parts of the world.

Second point, the question of distribution is not addressed, and I, for one, finally understand that the problem is that all the refineries are in Texas or in the Gulf area. I also understand there were fuel shortages this fall in North Dakota for farmers. Pumping all the crude oil to Texas and then hauling it back up north as fuel adds only to others making the money, impacts the environment adversely and does not solve the problem of fuel shortages. Freight companies continue to have great years, despite the fuel costs. Why is this?

Farmers and ranchers need to make these decisions more regional and from the ground up vs. from Washington D.C. By the way, I’m also a proud U.S. citizen since 1975. At this point and time, the whole pipeline decision is resting on “political hay-making” not on all facts considered and understood by all. We would have to listen to each other first.

Sincerely, An Iowa Reader

Thanks for your email; it certainly offers some serious points to consider. What’s your take on the Keystone Pipeline project? How could the pipeline play a role in fuel prices, national security and the environment? How might it impact your own community? More than a yes or no, I want to hear your thoughts on the Keystone XL pipeline. I look forward to a great discussion!

Be sure to vote in our poll after you leave your comments, too! Thanks in advance!

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