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Lady Gaga's "Meat" Dress Offends Tofu-Eaters

lady-gaga-meat-bikini-vogue-japan.jpg Lady Gaga is known around the world for her fierce pop music and chart-shattering hits such as "Poker Face" and "Just Dance." She is also widely recognized for her over-the-top fashion statements. In the past, she has been decked out with frogs, telephones and even teacups. It seems she has the PETA folks up in arms about her latest fashion choice: meat.

Yes, the queen of pop has worn meat outfits not once but twice. The first meat ensemble was featured on the cover of Vogue Hommes Japan magazine, and she wore her second steak suit at the Video Music Awards earlier this week, even asking Cher to "hold her meat purse," while accepting an award.

wenn3000940__opt.jpg If you have a sense of humor at all, you can see how hysterical it is that groups such as PETA and their vegan cohorts are offended by the singer's choice of outfits. What's not comical is the fact that so many people are offended about her choosing to eat meat in her diet. While I don't necessarily wear my beliefs on my sleeve as literally as Gaga, I don't think the world needs to cater to the sensitivities of the tofu-eating society. I always say if those folks would sit down to enjoy a big, juicy steak, they might lead happier, more satisfied lives!

All kidding aside, I thought I would bring this to your attention this week and keep you tuned to what the rest of the world is saying about you, agriculture. You can read the PETA statement here. You might also be interested in Gaga's response to the negative press. Cheers to Lady Gaga and her "beefed" up fashion sense. Albeit a bit strange, she is still making waves in the world with her bold choices, and for once, pop culture might actually increase beef demand!