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Last American Cowboy Shares Our Story

cowboy-sky_200.jpg Fewer than 2% of us in the U.S. are directly involved in production agriculture these days, and that small percentage has the hefty job of feeding the world. It's no secret that farming and ranching is hard work, and we have been striving to share our stories with consumers for a long time, so they can understand what it's like to fight through the tough times and persevere despite the challenges we face. Ranching is truly a passion, as indicated by last week's producer perspective survey on why we love agriculture. Finally, someone else is taking notice of the dedication we have to the land and the animals.

Have you seen the newest series on Animal Planet yet? It's called, Last American Cowboy, and I have been receiving countless emails from readers asking me to share this show with all of you. Although I haven't seen the show yet, apparently, it shows a real-life account of ranchers fighting the weather during calving season, revealing the circle of life to the viewers.

Here is a description of the show: Hidden amid the mammoth Montana landscape are three family-owned and operated cattle ranches and the setting of Animal Planet's newest original series, Last American Cowboy. This epic adventure follows three families of tough, tenacious and headstrong cowboys through freak storms, deadly outbreaks of disease, hungry predators and forest fires that threaten their livelihood. Each ranch will need to rely on family bonds and personal strength to keep this tradition of the American West alive.

The show shares the highs and lows of life on a ranch for the Hughes, Galt and Stucky families. From the multi-generational ranch family committed to working only on horseback to the modern rancher who uses high-tech equipment, all-terrain vehicles and even a helicopter to manage his massive operation to the small nuclear family determined to persevere against all odds, all must struggle to make ends meet and all are deeply committed to this classic way of life lived close to the land.

The show aired on June 7, and it can be watched each Monday night. Check it out this evening at 10 p.m. CST on Animal Planet and let me know what you think. I will be watching, will you? Link here to view a video on this series.