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Legislators Show Beef Cattle, Learn About Agricultural Issues

You might remember my blog post last year on the South Dakota legislative showmanship contest that paired state government representatives with local 4-H kids in an effort to have a fun time and talk about agricultural issues with legislators. You might also remember an old blog post about a young agriculture advocate named Madison Dobbins, who is working hard to educate others about the motives of the Humane Society of the U.S. Dobbins was inspired by this legislative showmanship idea and, earlier this summer, she took this event home to Indiana and hosted a positive event connecting consumers with producers at the local county fair.

Here is a video describing the event:

Dobbins recaps the day for BEEF Daily:

The 4-H kids worked with the legislators in the barn and taught them everything they needed to know about showing. We demonstrated how to walk in the ring and taught them things like what the hooks and pins are, why we brush the hair forward, what a normal temperature is, what an average rate-of-gain is and what a typical birth weight is. The showmanship judged asked them one or two questions on the items that we had earlier reviewed. From there, they showed. It went very well. I was so proud of the legislators and the 4-Hers for being such great sports and having fun, and making the event a successful one! During the show, each of the legislators had the opportunity to say what they learned. All of them stood up and said what a great thing this was! One legislator said that he was looking at our future legislators, and, "We have a very bright future."

Read a review of the event here: Fair Challenges Legislators in Livestock Show Many thanks to Madison Dobbins for her tireless efforts to educate consumers and politicians, to assist them in making informed decisions about agriculture and food-related topics. What do you think of Dobbins' campaign? Would you agree it was a great success? The South Dakota State Fair is hosting a second legislative showmanship contest. Read up on the details here.