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Let's Talk Weather, Planting And Cattle Markets

Article-Let's Talk Weather, Planting And Cattle Markets

corn-planting-205.jpg The old adage in farming and ranching is, "if you don't like the weather -- wait five minutes." For many, those five minutes can't pass fast enough. I know many of you are desperate for a drop of rain to help cool down the threat of fires in your area. For others, the constant downpour of rain has significantly slowed or completely stopped your planting this May. Whether you plant crops or not, the livestock industry's success is contingent on the 2011 corn harvest. Many ranchers expanded their cattle herds this year with the promise of $2 feeder calves this fall, and I know I'm not alone in worrying that if the corn doesn't get planted, it could dramatically impact the cattle markets and the cost to feed calves through the end of the year.

With flooded farmland and raging rivers out of their banks, how will farmers cope? One solution is to go to sister publication Corn & Soybean Digest to catch up on agronomic and marketing information detailing how to deal with those soggy soils. Just click on for up-to-date news and tips on planting and crop marketing.

So, grab a cup of Joe and join me in some morning coffee talk around your computer screen. What's it like in your neck of the woods? How's the weather? What's the planting update in your area? Are you busy in the fields, breeding heifers, moving pairs, fixing fence, or all of the above? What projects are you hoping to tackle this May? Finally, what are your thoughts on this delayed planting season and how do you feel this will impact the cattle markets?

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Finally, have you voted in our latest BEEF poll yet? Answer this question found on the homepage: What’s the best thing about being in the beef business?

1. Being stewards of animals and nature

2. Great lifestyle in which to raise a family

3. I’m feeding the world

4. I’m my own boss

5. All the above

So far, 67% of you say the best thing about being in the beef business is all of the above, and I would have to completely agree! Taking care of animals and the land, working alongside your family, feeding an average of 155 people each year and setting my own schedule are what makes the cattle industry such a great one to be a part of! And, having the opportunity to share these experiences with all of you is the icing on the cake! Have a great day!