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Loading Up Calves, Dishing About Ohio's Issue 2

feedyard.jpg It's a busy day at our operation today. Later this afternoon, we will be loading up our sale cattle to market in town. For the better part of the last two weeks, we have been sifting through the calves to select our replacement heifers and the bulls we will market later this year through private treaty sales. We have a strong group of uniform calves this year, so it was really difficult to make additions to the cull list, but we eventually came to an agreement on which calves to keep and which to sell. You know, when things get busy at the operation, it can be difficult to focus on the larger issues at hand such as the upcoming election in Ohio where Issue 2 will be voted on. Issue 2 will establish the Ohio Livestock Care Standards Board, an effort that would show voters how much food producers care about their animals while helping to eliminate a destructive and aggressive assault from the Humane Society of the United States to Ohio communities in the future. So, I want to know why agriculture is all of a sudden divided on Issue 2?

feeding-time.jpgIn recent articles I have ran across online, I have found a strong support from the agriculture community to vote "yes" for Issue 2 in Ohio and establish similar programs in other states to help avoid the havoc HSUS causes when THEY put something on the ballot for voters to decide upon. Interestingly, I have also read articles in agriculture publications that are totally against this idea because they fear the power of members on this board. However, I have a hard time with that argument. How does a "no" vote translate to our voters? What does that tell them about farmers and their priorities for best animal care? How much ammunition does a "no" vote give the HSUS when they decide to take action? HSUS wants a "no" vote on Issue 2, and I'm curious to know your opinion on this, as well. Differing opinions are more than welcome here, and I would love to hear both sides to the argument. So, what's your beef with Issue 2? If you support it, why are you in favor of Issue 2? This is an important conversation.

If you haven't read up on Issue 2, you can refer back to my blog entry about it on September 28, 2009. It explains what the board would do, and provides links to an informational website. Well, I'm headed out to the ranch now, but I will be checking and approving comments all day as they come in. I'm looking forward to a dynamic conversation. Thanks for your participation!

BEEF Daily Quick Fact: Beef producers are very committed to the health and well-being of their animals. Providing a healthy environment with ample food, water and veterinary care creates an ideal environment for cattle to grow. Proper animal care is also simply good business. Animals exposed to stress produce lower quality meat, so proper cattle care also means more valuable animals. (Source: Beef From Pasture to Plate)