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Local Feedlot Strives to Educate Public

img_4073.JPG Yesterday, I attended the Mitchell Area Chamber's annual agriculture tour, featuring a prominent feedlot in the area, Hostler Farms, LLC. Larry, Travis and Kenny Hostler own and operate the 3,996 head capacity feedlot, which is located near Mt. Vernon, S.D. With over 80 people in attendance, the tour highlighted the nuts and bolts of the feeder cattle business, explaining the challenges and environmental obstacles, as well as showcasing the improvements being made on their operation. I spoke with Larry Hostler about his operation at the end of the tour, and we had a great conversation about kids in production agriculture, trials of the feedlot business, educating the general public about agriculture and advice for the next generation. Read on to learn all about it!

larry-hostler.jpg I had the opportunity to interview Larry about an array of topics, and you can listen to our podcast below. For now, here are a few quotes from his presentation at the feedlot...

Hostler on encouraging kids to stay in production agriculture...

"My mission and goal is to help my kids stay in production agriculture," said Hostler, who also works as a vocational teacher in Mitchell, S.D. "It's important to encourage our young people to stay agriculture because soon our schools, our churches and our communities will be empty."

Hostler on the importance of educating our consumers...

hostler-air.jpg "There is a cartoon that reads, 'Why do I care if a bunch of farmers go broke? I buy my food at the grocery store!' It's statements like that that make me reconsider the way we are positioning ourselves in the eyes of our consumers. The community needs to understand what we are doing here, and I want to show them that we are a viable business that contributes to the community and the local economy."

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