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Looking Back on 2008

It's back to the grindstone for agribusiness professionals, and that means spending a lot of time figuring out where 2009 is headed.

So much has happened in the past year, and I hope that your day gets a little bit better every time you open up BEEF Daily. In case you missed the recap of the top ten blog posts of 2008 over the past few weeks, you can revisit them now. Many of these had heated responses the first time around, and I'm sure they will spark a new interest once you take the time to view them once more. These were your favorites of 2008, and I'm looking forward to some intense discussions about our industry in the future.

1. Obama’s Secretary of Food?

2. Bachelors Get Political

3. Top Ten U.S. Steakhouses

4. When Oprah Speaks, the World Listens…And That’s the Problem

5. Count ‘Em…1,2 and 3!

6. Halloween: Cowboy Style

7. Our President-Elect

8. What America Really Eats

9. What College Kids Are Reading

10. A Taste of Reality

Once you have revisited the highlights of 2008, let me know what you think. Looking back on 2008 makes me think alot about what is to come in 2009. What do you see in the upcoming future with a new President and a new Secretary of Ag to follow? Will 2009 really be better than the year behind us?