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Martha Stewart Should Take Notes From Rachael Ray

rachael-ray-martha-stewart.jpg Martha Stewart is famous for featuring home, gardening and cooking tips on her daily television show, the Martha Stewart Show. The Martha Stewart brand offers all the tools a busy family needs to run an efficient home, and people pay attention when she speaks. Remember the deep, non-stop coverage her trial and incarceration for insider stock trading generated a few years ago?

Recently, Stewart announced that she is moving toward becoming a vegetarian.

After a show featuring vegan activists, Stewart visited with guests about her disgust of meat.

“I didn’t buy it from my regular butcher; I usually bought 3 lbs. of good ground chuck, and I took it home—this was from the supermarket—and I rolled it in my hands and my hands were stained red and I vowed I wouldn’t eat beef again. No really, it was horrifying. What the heck do they do to the beef that made my hands red? It shouldn’t do that,” says Stewart.

I’m puzzled as to exactly what Stewart is talking about? Doesn’t she realize that meat is generated from animals? And, shouldn’t a consumer influencer like her feel obligated to be better informed for her audience? Or was her intent to scare her viewers?

beef_1.jpg Perhaps Stewart should tune in to Rachael Ray's cooking show, where she prepares beef, pork and veal with gusto. Check out a few of her recipes here.

Beef and Pork Tamale Pie

Poblano Popper Super Sliders

Long Boy Tex-Mex Burgers

Instead of bashing one food over another, let’s work on inspiring our consumers to enjoy a healthy nutritious diet, which should include beef. With summer grilling season just around the corner, we need to work to share our favorite recipes, marinades and cooking tips with our customers

Help me do just that and share your favorite beef recipes in the comments section below. I will pass these along using my online social networking channels. Thanks for taking a few minutes out of your day to post your recipes!