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Masters of Beef Advocacy Spotlight: Jay Theiler

mba020909.pngIn the last couple of months, I have been fortunate enough to be able to introduce you to some of the nation's most dedicated cattle producers. These folks are members of the Masters of Beef Advocacy Program (MBA), and they are trained to quickly respond to negative media messages and promote beef cattle production to consumers. The MBA Program has quickly gained popularity in the industry, and it's a great opportunity for all of us to get involved in agriculture advocacy. Producers wanting more information should contact Daren Williams at, 303-850-3346 or contact their state beef council.

jay-thieler.jpg This week's featured MBA graduate is Jay Theiler, Marketing Director at AgriBeef and Wagyu/Angus cattle producer who specializes in a Kobe beef program. Listen to what Jay has to say about the hot topics facing the agriculture industry today including media misconceptions, global marketing and rural living. Be sure to leave Jay a note in the comments section to thank him for his service and dedication to the beef industry. He is one of those dynamic folks in agriculture, like so many of you, that make this job worth doing. Thanks, Jay!

BEEF Daily Quick Fact: Kobe Beef is a legendary delicacy of Japan, a type of beef that is so well marbled that it goes right off the charts for Prime grading in any other country. The meat ends up looking like it has been left out in the snow because of the intensiveness of the white fat marbling, rivals foie gras for richness and caloric content.