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McDonald's Features Real Ranchers In New Campaign

Article-McDonald's Features Real Ranchers In New Campaign

McDonald's Features Real Ranchers In New Campaign

A new McDonald’s ad campaign for 2012 features the real people who raise lettuce, potatoes and beef for the chain’s famous Big Macs and Quarter Pounders. Self-proclaimed “Beef Snob,” Steve Foglesong, an Illinois rancher and cattle feeder as well as former National Cattlemen’s Beef Association president, is featured in the ads. What a great opportunity to share the positive agriculture story with the masses. McDonald’s is a huge supporter of American agriculture, and its new campaign highlights the great partnership we have with the company.

McDonald’s and beef:

“It takes a lifetime to build a ranch,” says Foglesong, owner of Black Gold Cattle Co. “We take a great deal of pride in what we do here. Beef’s what we do. I’m what you’d call a beef snob. Fact is, you can’t get great taste without great quality.”

McDonald’s and lettuce:

“In a matter of days, our lettuce is harvested, triple rinsed and delivered to McDonald’s,” says Dirk Gianni, Salinas Valley, CA.

McDonald’s and potatoes:

“Only the best potatoes in the world can make World Famous Fries. Mine always make the cut,” says Frank Martinez, Saddle View Farms, WA.

This campaign is all the buzz online this week, with farmers and ranchers across the country tweeting about the effort’s potential significance on agriculture education. What do you think about the advertisements? Will they have an impact on connecting consumers to producers, while increasing demand for burgers at McDonald’s? Share your thoughts with us today!

By the way, you can read more about Foglesong in “Making It Work,” from the January 2010 issue of BEEF here.

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