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Merry Christmas From BEEF Daily!

The cold weather has certainly made things interesting on the ranch these days. It's been a struggle keeping the waterers from freezin' up, the tractors from gellin' up, and my fingers and toes from fallin' off. The challenges of winter make most of us yearn for the miserable humidity of the summer months. The ice, wind and snow create difficulties that no other season brings to a cattle rancher. However, cattle don't have the luxury of a heated house, and ranchers put the needs of livestock ahead of their own. And, even though farmers and ranchers don't get to completely take Christmas day off, I hope you will be able to take some time to enjoy a nice dinner with your family, lounge on the couch, open presents and enjoy the spirit of the day.

I'm hoping to do the same, as well. BEEF Daily won't be in your inbox on Christmas Day, and I sure hope you keep the computer turned off that day and enjoy the company of those around you. So, even if your idea of a great Christmas is spending some quality time with your four-legged family, the online news of the day can wait. I will join you next week with more "Best of 2008" blog posts, holiday stories, New Year resolutions, tips for 2009 and leading news stories. Until then, BEEF Daily is wishing you a very Merry Christmas. From my heart to yours, here is a little poem to get you in the Christmas spirit! God Bless and Best Wishes!

The Christmas Thing

A Christmas Poem by Jane Merchant

My grandmother sat

On Christmas morning

Mending overalls.

A tall tree glittered,

A hen was roasting,

And the room was merry

With dolls and balls,

So why was she mending


The air is magic

On Christmas morning

And it isn't a time

For doing chores.

We had given her

A brooch that glittered

After anxious searchings

Of ten cent stores

So why was she working

At everyday chores?

I didn't know then

But I learned much later

That Christmas magic

Goes through and through

The fabric of living

Love, threading her needle,

Made mending

The Christmas-thing to do.