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Miranda Lambert, Blake Shelton Represent Real Country Values

Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton are country superstars with hot, hot careers. With chart-topping singles and fast-paced careers in the music and television business, it's amazing these two had a spare minute to fall in love. The duo exchanged vows on Saturday, and, from the sounds of it, they had a real country wedding that any one of us would have felt comfortable at, save for celebrity guests in attendance like Reba McEntire, Martina McBride, Cee Lo Green, Katherine Heigl and Kelly Clarkson.

You may be wondering why this is the topic of today's blog post. Although I feel farmers and ranchers are the best spokespersons out there to share the agriculture story with consumers, I have to give credit where credit is due, and these two superstars deserve just that. Mr. and Mrs. Shelton represent real country values, and in a world full of superficial Hollywood stereotypes, I'm certainly a big fan of these two.

Let me give you a small sample of what I mean. Just days before the wedding, Lambert tweeted about the deer cutlets the couple would be serving at the ceremony. She wrote, "Last thing loaded for the wedding! Harvested by me!" Shelton followed with a tweet about his future wife, ""What does YOUR girl have for dinner?"

How's that for a gal who knows exactly where her food comes from? Lambert is a nature-loving girl, who grew up on a farm, hunts for her own food and is proud of her country roots, and unlike Carrie "HSUS" Underwood, hasn't abandoned the strong foundation of rural values that she grew up on.

Meanwhile, Blake Shelton is gaining a wide, new audience outside of the country music community, with his appearances on the exciting new television show, "The Voice." On Twitter, Shelton tells it like it is, and he follows groups like Peta Sucks, Hunters Against PETA, and PETA Truth.

Congratulations and best wishes to a beautiful couple, who are currently spending their honeymoon at home in Tishomingo, OK, relaxing and fishing. Cheers to Lambert and Shelton for being genuine, real and strong in their convictions. That's definitely something I can support.

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