Mushrooms, It's What's For Dinner?

I was working out at SDSU's Wellness Center the other day, and I picked up a magazine to help pass the time. I had never before opened the pages of Women's Health, but I thought it could give me a few pointers on how to up the ante in my workout routine and improve my health with nutritional tips.

Certainly the pages were filled with great articles, but one made me stop short. It was one of those articles that I knew needed to be shared and discussed on the BEEF Daily Blog, and it was titled, "Who Needs Beef?" You may just want to send a letter to the editor after you read this one...

Who Needs Beef?

Cutting calories? Try mushrooms instead of meat. In a study published in the journal Appetite, subjects ate a variety of typically meaty dishes (such as lasagna) made with beef or with mushrooms for one week each. They downed 420 fewer calories on average at each shroomy meal (and found the meals equally tasty). Credit fungi's energy density: They're just as filling as meat but contain fewer calories, says Lawrence Cheskin, M.D.

Umm, hello? Of course you will consume fewer calories eating fungus instead of an actual protein! Beef's nutritional profile should never be compared with that of a mushroom. Beef is a complete protein with amino acids essential for a healthy and well-balanced diet. Additionally, the article didn't mention anything about the 29 lean cuts of beef to select from, making it an incredible versatile and healthy protein to work with at meal time.

I thought I would share this with you and ask your take on this article. Are you concerned about the advice dieticians and doctors are giving to women? Is it smart to consume empty calories in place of complete proteins in order to achieve the perfect degree of skinny? How long will it be before we are taxed for eating and enjoying steak? What do you think? Inquiring minds want to know...