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A Must Read: "Media That Inspires: Temple Grandin"

100722_templegrandin_feature_a.jpg "Temple Grandin may very well be the most accomplished person with autism in the world," is the opening line to the latest article featuring the world-famous animal handling expert. The article entitled, "Media That Inspires: Temple Grandin," was published in TakePart.

TakePark is an ongoing conversation that recognizes the power that films, books and other media have to compel change and prompt action. TakePart asks people who make a difference every day about the works that have inspired, and writer Jenny Inglee forwarded this recent article to to me share with the BEEF Daily readers.

In a unique twist on the typical interview, Grandin tells TakePart that Black Beauty and King Solomon's Ring both left a lasting impression on her. Read on to see what else Grandin had to say about the various novels and articles that have impacted her career.

“I can tell you what my favorite book was when I was a little kid," Grandin says. "I think it’s out of print now but it was a book about famous inventors.”

She had the book when she was in third or fourth grade she says and recalls, “It had a sticker for Thomas Edison, (one for) the inventor of the sewing machine, and the steamboat...and the background of the inventors who invented some of the major inventions. I really liked that.”

Black Beauty was also influential for Grandin as a child. She says, “My mother read books to us when we were little kids, and she read the whole big edition of Black Beauty to us.”

What made an impression was “how mean they were to the horses, putting the check reins on them so they couldn’t lean into the harness and pull right. How awful that was for the horses.”

To read Inglee's entire interview with Grandin, link here. BEEF magazine has a wealth of information about Temple Grandin and her works. Check out the available resources here.

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