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A Must Read: Vegan Visits Feedlot, And Approves

When vegan, nutritionist, health expert and overall "foodie" Ryan Andrews was given access to visit a Colorado feedlot, he was nervous about what he might discover during the tour. Would the headlines he had read be accurate? Are cattle really stuffed with corn and drugs and crammed into too-small pens? Is the waste from the feedlot really destroying the environment? Would he see animal cruelty? And, most importantly, if he saw these things, how would he respond?

As a reader, you may be happily surprised at Andrew's reaction from his visit to the feedlot, and I think he was equally as surprised by his findings. I'm telling you, Andrew's article, "Cattle Feedlot: Behind the Scenes, from Precision Nutrition," is a MUST READ! I have included an excerpt below. Enjoy!

Andrew's conclusions: I was tired of talking about, reading about, and hearing about feedlots. Especially when many of the accounts were from people who had never been to a feedlot in their lives. So, when I was given this sort of rare access, I jumped at the chance to check one out for myself.

And, I have to say it. If my experience at Magnum is representative of other cattle farms, all those accounts of the dismal, depressing, disastrous cattle conditions seem to be exaggerated. No, I’m not going to start eating meat again. However, if I did eat meat, my visit to Magnum would have made me feel great about eating non-organic, non-grass-fed beef. Seriously. I can’t imagine the quality of meat would be substantially better with organic and grass-fed. Nor can I imagine the living conditions would be substantially better for the cattle.

To read the entire article, link here. What did you think of the piece? Were his conclusions about feedlots accurate? Add your two cents and leave your thoughts in the comments section below.