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My Epiphanies Today Tend To Be More Painful

My Epiphanies Today Tend To Be More Painful

When I was young, life was pretty exciting. There were a lot of universal truths that I discovered for the first time that came on like epiphanies. Who can forget the moment they found salvation, the thrill of being in love for the first time, the value of a true friend, or the transformation that comes from reading a book that changes the way you think or look at the world?

In fact, a quote by the late business guru Zig Ziglar became my unofficial mantra for business success – “You can get everything in life you want, if you help enough other people get what they want.”

As a youngster, it seemed like life was full of epiphanies, most of which could be classified as wonderful. These were the universal truths you stumbled on that not only gave you faith in the human race, but hope for the future.

As I’ve grown older, the epiphanies have become more infrequent, and a lot of them could be categorized as epiphanies on how life is not always fair. For instance, as you get older, you learn surprising secrets like the fact that your elders don’t have all the answers, and that everyone has flaws.

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Still, some of the epiphanies that come with age are even better than those experienced with youth. I’ll never forget, for instance, how lovely a bride can look – especially, if she is your bride. You also have to be a parent to grasp just how much love a parent can feel toward their child.

My grandmother used to always admonish me and my brother with, “Just wait until you get older!” Intellectually, I’ve seen people getting older, but I’ve always kind of felt like I was immune. Don’t get me wrong; I walk like I’m 90 years old for the first 10 strides after getting out of my truck, and I step down instead of jumping off of the tailgate these days.

My latest epiphany

But my latest epiphany this week started with my wrist. I did something unknown to me at the time, but the result is that I can hardly use my hand this week. With the urgency of artificial insemination season fast approaching, and the fact that my brother is a doctor, I figured I was qualified to fix it myself.

 So, I bought a brace and began taking copious amounts of ibuprofen. That would have sufficed in years past, but days later I’m still gritting my teeth as I try to raise the courage to pick up a sack of mineral. I’m sure it will heal in time, but I know it will be a lot longer than I’d like.

Later in the week, a young horse I was riding decided she saw a monster in the trees. She didn’t buck me off, as I was able to slide off her while she reared and crow-hopped around. The problem was the landing. I’d actually orchestrated it so that I landed on my feet, which was a good thing; the bad thing was the way my body handled it.

So I now not only have a sore wrist, but I have discovered there is some sort of muscle that attaches on the top of my thigh that it is fairly integral to normal, pain-free walking.

I have to admit that I smiled, though, when I thought about my grandmother’s admonition of long ago. I’m older, and I’m learning. I’ve also learned that faith means trusting in advance only that which can be understood in reverse. I’m looking forward to the next 40-50+ years, but I’ll admit I’m a bit nervous about the shape and resilience of the body I hope to be getting around in by then.

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