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National Beef Ambassadors, Masters Of Beef Advocacy Great Checkoff Programs

competitors.jpg It was a busy weekend for my family and I, and being back in the Monday morning grind has come too fast. Friday kicked things off with the South Dakota Beef Ambassador Contest, which I helped with in partnership with the South Dakota Beef Industry Council (SDBIC). My sisters, Courtney and Kaley, competed, and I’m so proud that they each won their divisions. Courtney will join other ambassadors from across the country at the Certified Angus Beef (CAB) headquarters in Wooster, OH, this October, and Kaley will serve as our junior ambassador here in South Dakota. Following the contest, my family spent a few days showing our cattle at the South Dakota Summer Spotlight, an event filled with great cattle, even better people, and plenty of events to develop strong leaders in agriculture.

mba.png I believe the National Beef Ambassador Program (NBAP) is one of those outstanding youth organizations that builds our future leaders. In our state, the contestants are required to complete the Masters of Beef Advocacy Program (MBA), a self-directed online training program designed to equip beef producers and industry allies with the information they need to be everyday advocates for the beef industry. MBA candidates are required to complete six courses in beef advocacy, modern beef production, animal care, beef safety, beef nutrition, environmental stewardship and the beef checkoff.

As a past beef ambassador and MBA alum, I highly recommend both of these programs to you and your family. Link here for more information on NBAP, and be sure to take a minute to watch this BEEFMagTV video featuring Daren Williams, executive director of communications for the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association. Williams oversees the program and shares its benefits.

Both of these programs are backed by the beef checkoff program, and it’s evident from the great advocates they produce that these are producer dollars well invested!

It's hard to believe August is almost here. The summer has been filled with cattle shows, putting up hay, spending time with family and making memories. Of course, my favorite part of summer is taking pasture tours and looking over the cow-calf pairs grazing peacefully on our land. Celebrating summer is BEEF Daily and RZR Masks in a photography contest, "Summer Grazing." Link here for more details. Tomorrow is the deadline for entries, so send your best to me at [email protected] Be sure to check out the photo gallery of reader-submitted entries here.

How's your summer going so far? What's the weather like in your neck of the woods? Is summer grazing going well, or are you short on grass? Share with us your stories and start taking photos!