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A New Resolution

I realize January 1, 2009 has come and gone, and by now, most of you are off to a great start in your 2009 resolutions. For many, resolutions will be set and achieved. For others, these resolutions will be a passing in the wind, a fleeting attempt to change something in one's life. And, for me, my 2009 resolution is getting started two weeks late.

Like many, I knew that I wanted to focus on my health and wellness in 2009. I started working out more and watching what I eat. I also started thinking about the many people that are doing the same thing as myself, and I realized I needed to take this resolution one step further. My 2009 resolution is going to include the Healthy Beef Cookbook. I have decided that I will try a new recipe every week and describe my experiences on this blog. I will share these recipes with different friends every week in order to expose new individuals to the versatility of beef in a healthy diet. I want people to understand that beef can be a part of their dietary goals, and I want them to enjoy what they are eating, and that's why the Healthy Beef Cookbook is so perfect!

I'm going to kick off this resolution with a hearty classic--Cowboy Beef and Black Bean Chili, a perfect recipe for today's frigid temperatures and snowy skies. I encourage you to sample the recipes as I do, and let me know if you enjoyed them, too. You can order the book here or follow along with the recipes provided. Happy cooking!