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In The News: PETA Targets Kids & Abuses Animals

In The News: PETA Targets Kids & Abuses Animals

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) group is sure hard to take seriously -- what with their nude stunts on street corners and outlandish statements aimed at earning sensational headlines in the media. But the group has fallen to a new low with its most recent activity.

Do you recall several years ago when two PETA employees were arrested in North Carolina and charged with animal cruelty for dumping dead shelter dogs and cats in a garbage bin? In that incident, police found 18 dead animals in a trash bin, and 13 more in a van registered to the activist group. All the animals, which PETA workers had acquired by pledging to place them in good homes, were slated to be killed and dumped. The workers were arrested and charged with various crimes after police staked out the garbage bin where other animals had previously been dumped, according to NBC News.


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Well, PETA seems to have topped itself recently with another stunt that has some California parents threatening to take PETA to court. It seems that PETA handed out a comic to children at Calabash Elementary School in Woodland Hills that contained graphic images of mutilated cows.

According to, “The pamphlet appeared to be a cartoon comic and was titled ‘A Cow's Life,’ but the images inside were horrifying, parents said. The graphic leaflet showing cows being dehorned and cows with infected udders, was hidden in what PETA says is a kid-friendly pamphlet about dairy cows -- literature they say is meant to be educational.

PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman apologized Wednesday evening, saying the pamphlets had been meant for parents so they could talk to their children about the dairy industry's treatment of cows. She said that as a peace offering, PETA was offering to provide non-dairy ice cream sandwiches to students and staff.”

PETA has a curious way of rationalizing its sick and embarassing behavior. But stunts like killing and dumping pets, and springing propaganda on kids, indicate that common sense and decency are indeed in short supply at PETA.

What do you think of PETA’s most recent stunts? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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