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No Kid Hungry

nokidhungry_sticker_shadow.jpg In this land of plenty, I doubt that most of us spend much time in the day worrying about hungry Americans. The fact of the matter is that one in six kids goes hungry at night; that’s 12 million children! Sometimes the only decent meal a child gets in a day is what’s offered for lunch at school. Celebrity and actor Jeff Bridges is hoping to spread the word about this growing problem. Bridges recently pledged to end childhood hunger by 2015, and I think this is a cause we could definitely get behind.

bbcc114d730ae021571060702c0be748.jpg Working with the nonprofit Share Our Strength and the Food Network, the actor is the national spokesman for the No Kid Hungry campaign. The campaign is a state-by-state effort to develop public and private partnerships in order to aid low-income families, to teach nutrition and healthy eating habits, and to improve the effectiveness of existing efforts, like school-based breakfast and lunch plans.

true_grit_jeff_bridges-12222010.jpgYou may have seen Bridges play strong roles in movies, like the recent “True Grit,” but now he’s playing a new role as an advocate for fighting hunger. Bridges has been raising awareness for the issue since he helped created the End Hunger Network in the 1980s, a cause that is certainly near and dear to his heart because of his role as a dad to three kids.

“As an actor, I’m always putting myself in other people’s shoes. I can imagine what it would be like to have three daughters who I wasn’t able to provide for. It would just be devastating. And then it’s much more than the obvious suffering of the kids, but what it’s doing to our nation on so many levels when kids don’t have the proper nutrition to get their brains working,” says Bridges.

To learn more about the No Kid Hungry campaign or take the pledge like Jeff, click here!