Obama Vs. The Feuding Republicans

Obama Vs. The Feuding Republicans

You can’t turn on the tube these days without seeing the now-familiar faces of the Republican candidates vying for a chance to run for the U.S. Presidency. Many have fallen, with only a few remaining in the race, and as the debate turns heated and personal, we have to ask, “Is the internal rancor in the primaries harming Republicans’ chances against Obama in the November election?”

This is the question of the week on the BEEF homepage. Take a minute to vote, and see what your fellow producers think on the subject. So far, 46% of you say, “Yes, I hate it,” while 17% say, “Yes, I love it.” Another 28% say, “No; and 9% “don’t know.”

As ranchers, we must do our homework. For instance, it’s been rumored Rick Santorum that is a champion for the animal rights activist movement. Mitt Romney is a self-made millionaire who is singled out for the level of federal level of taxes he pays, even though he's within the law. Meanwhile, Newt Gingrich has no shortage of personal baggage and is being criticized for lapses in adherence to conservative principles. In other words, there are plenty of fingers being pointed around among the political camps.

Perhaps this sparring trio needs to focus on the real issues and work toward finding a solution, instead of focusing on the symptoms this country is burdened with. Although I tend to stay out of political discussions, and I certainly won’t be announcing my voting record anytime soon, this is an important conversation to have. I think as voters we need to ask ourselves a few questions:

What’s your take on the Republican debates so far? What did you think of President Obama’s address last night? Who is going to lead our country in 2013?

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