Official BEEF Daily Summer Photo Contest Winners!

Over 100 of you voted in the second BEEF Daily Summer Contest, and the results are in! The top ten boasted great photos including: cattle at the fair, cattle at sunset, cattle in the pasture, cattle in the feedlot and even kids and cattle. The collection of photos in the album, Photo Call, illustrates a diversity in this beef industry that we can all appreciate. So, in this final day in August, I'm ready to announce the winners of this very competitive photo contest. For those of you that missed out this time; don't worry, there are plenty more contests to come. Now, for the winners...




Congratulations to our Grand Champion photograph, "Macie and the Heifers," taken by Kiley Martinell. Kiley's photo won with a majority of the votes. What a fun photo to celebrate summer! Reserve Grand Champion honors go to Bernie Mitchell with his stunning photograph, "Nature's Harmony." It's truly reminiscent of the moment before the end of a long work day on the ranch. Honorable mention goes to Brittany Creamer with her photograph, "Daisy and the Dahlias."

Bernie and Kiley will both receive beautiful Western art prints, valued at $200 a piece, courtesy of BEEF Magazine. Congratulations again, and thanks to all that participated with photo entries and votes. It was so much fun hosting contests this summer, and I look forward to getting you involved on BEEF Daily in the future! Thanks again!

BEEF Daily Quick Fact: Bones are used to make glue and fertilizers. Blood meal, a fertilizer, is made from blood.