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Ohio Livestock Care Standards Board Opens URL For Voters on Issue 2

1_154_1_livestock-care-logo.jpg "Ohio families need the safe, nutritious, affordable, locally grown food that Ohio farmers provide each and every day," opens up the description at the new URL that promotes the upcoming vote on livestock care in Ohio. " But consumers also want to know more about how their food is produced on Ohio’s farms. That means knowing that animals are healthy and well cared for, that the food they buy is safe and of the highest quality, and that farmers are running their farms responsibly and following all regulations. Consumers also want choice at the grocery store, both in the foods they buy and in how those foods are produced."

"Meeting changing consumer expectations and providing that reassurance is why Ohio’s farmers support Issue 2, a measure to create the Ohio Livestock Care Standards Board (the Board). The Board will bring together the full range of Ohio animal care expertise to set animal care policy, which is something we all can support. The Board will set standards for livestock and poultry care that take into account issues of food safety, local availability and affordability of food, and best farm management practices for animal well-being. Board members will consider those issues in the context of how they impact overall animal health, biosecurity on livestock farms, animal disease prevention, food safety and affordable food supplies."

The vote for new standards of livestock care in Ohio will be November 3, 2009, and I hope it will show the state of Ohio just how much farmers and ranchers truly care about the animals they raise. I sincerely believe this vote could have a huge impact on American agriculture and will show the Humane Society of the United States that they can't push us around with their big agendas and heavy pockets. Check out the website and show your support; sign up for their newsletter or get involved as a volunteer.

In other news...

img_3681.JPGIt was pretty quiet on the blog last week, so I can only assume you're as busy as I am right now. I understand that getting ready for harvest and weaning can get to be pretty hectic, and there isn't much for extra time to sit down at the computer and check out blogs. However, last week, I opened up an important reader review survey that asks for topic suggestions for upcoming blog posts, and many of you have yet to weigh in. I had promised to announce the winners of the sweepstakes today, but I would really like to give more of you the opportunity to share your topics of interest so this blog will better serve you in the future. So, I'm giving the sweepstakes an extension until the end of the week. So, click here to leave your suggestions for blog topics. Sweepstakes will remain open until 10:00 p.m. on Friday, October 2, 2009, and winners will be announced next week. Best of luck! Thanks to the readers whom already sent in their suggestions; I really appreciate it.

BEEF Daily Quick Fact: Rules created under Issue 2 are needed to provide for excellent livestock care as well as to protect Ohio’s number one economic contributor, agriculture, which provides $93 billion and 924,000 jobs to Ohio’s economy, and to protect Ohio’s family farms. -Ohioans for Livestock Care