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<p>BEEF readers are a discerning bunch</p>

Oldies but goodies were the most popular BEEF magazine reads in 2014

Good information is still good information, even if it was published years ago. That’s the message that BEEF readers are giving when BEEF editors reviewed a list of the most popular articles in 2014.

We developed the list by looking at the number of page views our articles generated from the BEEF magazine website – Since these articles also appeared in print, it’s nearly impossible to develop a definitive number of readers, but looking at our website metrics gives us a good idea of the information you find most valuable.

This list itemizes the articles both printed in BEEF magazine and also posted on our website. It doesn’t itemize blogs, opinion pieces or articles published exclusively on the website. We’ll do that in another blog. However, when it comes to articles, good, solid production information is the clear winner.

Here’s the list of the 10 most popular articles in 2014:

  1. 7 common fencing mistakes.  First published in 2009, this article remains a perennial favorite with BEEF readers.
  2. Grass-fed vs. grain-fed ground beef—no difference in healthfulness.  This is the only article published in 2014 that made the list. However, it generated plenty of discussion between readers.
  3. Calving tips: diagnosing and treating coccidiosis in cattle
  4. Prevention and treatment of cow prolapse
  5. How to treat lump jaw in catle
  6. Tips for controlling flies on cattle
  7. Exactly when you deworm your cows matters
  8. BEEF Chat: Inside Costco
  9. Billionaire aims to make Florida the grass-fed beef capital
  10. Calving tips: Going to war on calf scours

Articles providing you with solid, useful and practical production and management information have been the bedrock for BEEF magazine for more than 50 years. We’ll continue that tradition in 2015, publishing articles in the monthly magazine that provide information you can put to work on your ranch. Meanwhile, our website articles and our email newsletters—BEEF Daily, Cow-Calf Weekly, BEEF Cattle Market Weekly—will continue to probe and analyze the issues that affect the beef business.

What articles would you like to read in 2015?


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