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Online Forum Digs Into HSUS Lies

hsus-deception.jpg I was searching for some information on the Humane Society of the U.S. (HSUS) recently when I ran across a forum with the discussion title: "The Truth About HSUS." Of course, I was immediately intrigued by the conversation that was being held by pet owners and animal enthusiasts. Because I was so interested by what others outside of the agriculture industry have realized about HSUS, I thought you might enjoy snippets of the conversation as well.

Here is a compilation of the most interesting comments from the conversation. You can read the entire forum here. Feel free to pass along some of these points with your friends and colleagues. It's time to start educating the public about HSUS and their deceitful business practices. Don't wait; start today.

1.When you give your money to a well-known group like HSUS you are NOT supporting your local rescue organization, which most likely is a volunteer group that operates on a shoe-string budget of donations. 25% of what you give to HSUS will be spent on their fund raising efforts, not on helping animals.

2.I urge you to check out your local groups, whatever name they go by and give them your support - all money and/or time from you can make a great difference in your community.

3.Believe what you want, but in my opinion, HSUS is scarier than PETA. At least everyone knows PETA is a bunch of whack jobs. I will not support either organization.

4. I've been questioning HSUS on my own, especially after watching their many TV commercials. I know how much money it costs to make just one TV advertisement, and it just makes me wonder, where are they getting all this money? I mean, they are supposed to be a non-profit organization that completely functions on nothing but donations, right? How are they getting that much money in donations to make those TV commercials?

5.The local "humane societies" generally have no connection to the HSUS. The HSUS came much later than the first local "humane societies," and it's an animal rights, political activist group, named the "humane society" to confuse people and make them sound more credible.

Want more information on HSUS? Link here or check out HumaneWatch.