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Optimisitic Monday

img_1935.JPGSince June 1, we have received over 18 inches of rain resulting in drowned out crops and difficulty in getting hay put up. To the North of us, ranchers were recently hit with grapefruit-sized hail that killed cattle, deer and pheasants during the storm. While many places have experienced extreme wetness this summer, other ranchers are suffering from drought and heat. More than the weather, it seems ranchers have plenty to worry about these days: ballot initiatives leading to strict regulations, high input costs, low prices, unpredictable markets, estate taxes, etc. While the stresses of being in agriculture certainly never disappear, I thought we should kick off the start of a good week with a little optimism. Today, I want to know why you are thankful to live/work in agriculture.

So, I'll kick things off. I'm thankful to be in agriculture because it is a great profession being able to feed the world. I'm thankful to be able to raise cattle that I can be proud of, and a family to work with everyday. I'm blessed to have so many great friends in agriculture all across the country, and I'm always excited to meet new people in this industry. While our extreme moisture may be causing problems for us at the ranch, I'm thankful for the abundant grass available for the cattle this summer. Most importantly, I'm excited for what the future holds for the agriculture industry. Despite the fact that we have many challenges facing us, raising food for the world is and always will be a much needed career. I love agriculture, and I think today is as good of a day as any to celebrate it.

What are you thankful for? I want to hear from you! Let's get this week off to a great start with a fresh cup of optimism to launch our Monday!

BEEF Daily Quick Fact: The average lifespan of a cow is 7 years. The oldest cow ever recorded was Big Bertha. She reached 48 in 1993. She also holds the record for producing 39 calves.