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Pass On The Gift: Heifer International

heiferlarge1.jpg Have you heard of Heifer International? One of my best friends is taking a non-profit organization course at South Dakota State University, and he was excited to tell me all about this program. Through the years, I have heard it mentioned in passing conversations, but I never really checked it out, but I've learned that there are exciting opportunities to do charitable work globally through the gift of livestock to families. Since 1944, Heifer International has worked to bring help, healing and hope to millions of impoverished families worldwide. In its first 65 years, Heifer assisted more than 10.5 million families in more ethan 125 countries. Heifer International works in the areas of livestock and agriculture to develop programs that alleviate hunger and poverty. Read on to learn more about this non-profit organization.

Here's how it works:

Participants have the opportunity to give a heifer, llama, pig, goat, sheep, rabbit, honeybees, chickens etc. Of course, these gifts are at different price points, so the choice is yours as to how much you would like to donate. More than likely, the gift of a heifer catches your eye. The gift of a heifer is $500 or a share of a heifer is $50. As the program describes, a cow will provide milk to the family in need, as well as their neighbors, and they will have excess to sell, as well. The sale of the surplus milk earns money for school fees, medicine, clothing and home improvements. The protein in milk can transform sick, malnourished children into strong kids. Finally, because a healthy cow can produce a cow each year, the gift will be passed on to help an entire community.

While celebrities continue to show their support of HSUS and PETA, I'm going to give to an organization that truly counts. Heifer International celebrates the gift of livestock and supports humanity through its charitable work. Now that's a gift worth giving! What do you think about this program. You can learn more about it by checking out their website.

BEEF Daily Quick Fact: Unofficial voting results indicate Ohio voters gave their approval to Issue 2 with 63.65% of Ohio voters (1,958,646 people) voting for Issue 2, while 36.35% or 1,118,484 voters, voted “no.” The constitutional amendment will create a state Livestock Care Standards Board. The 13-member board, comprised mostly of farmers, veterinarians and agricultural industry leaders, will create and implement livestock care guidelines. (Source: Farm and Dairy)