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Paul Ryan’s Speechwriter Is A Vegan Animal Rights Activist

Paul Ryan’s Speechwriter Is A Vegan Animal Rights Activist

If you’ve listened to any politician speak lately, you may have heard the new buzz phrase, “humane economy” and wondered what exactly that might mean. You might be surprised to learn that for several Republican politicians -- including George W. Bush, Sarah Palin and 2012 Vice President candidate Paul Ryan -- this catchphrase, among others, was given by animal rights and vegan extremist Matthew Scully, a seasoned speechwriter in Washington, D.C.

Now I’m not saying Bush, Palin or Ryan are sympathetic to the animal rights and vegan agenda. Bush enjoys his rustic lifestyle on his ranch in Texas, Palin likes to hunt and fish in the Alaskan wilderness and Ryan is an avid bow hunter. My guess is they aren’t aware or didn’t really care that their speechwriter has ties to an extremist group of folks who would be happy if animal products were eliminated from the American dinner table and if farmers and ranchers were put out of business.

According to The DC Social Reader, “Scully wrote a book arguing for the better treatment of animals called ‘Dominion: The Power of Man, the Suffering of Animals, and The Call to Mercy.’ Raised Catholic like Ryan, Scully believes that The Bible’s injunction for man to ‘have dominion’ over other species requires us treat all living things with respect, and extends that philosophy to the point of personally abstaining from eating meat, dairy and other animal products.”

Scully has the power to be a voice of the movement by being the mouthpiece for powerful politicians in Washington, D.C. However, Ryan isn’t a pushover for the extremist animal rights movement. Despite hiring a vegan speechwriter, the Humane Society of the U.S. (HSUS) isn’t impressed with Ryan’s track record.

Michael Markarian, president of the HSUS legislative fund, blogs, “Ryan’s record on animal welfare has been mixed. While he has supported some animal protection policies, he has opposed others, and has never exhibited leadership on the issues. His ratings on the annual Humane Scorecard have been 50% for the 106th Congress; 20% for the 108th Congress; 28% for the 109th Congress; 17% for the 110th Congress; 13% for the 111th Congress; and 13% for the first session of the 112th Congress. Those numbers are moving in the wrong direction, and that’s been a growing concern of ours.”

The next time you listen to a campaign speech, try to read between the lines. Promises from both sides are being made as the 2012 presidential election comes to a head. Another four years of Obama’s regulatory administration could be disastrous for America’s farmers and ranchers, but a vegan in the henhouse could be a dangerous mix, as well.

Now is the time to speak with your elected officials about issues pertaining to the beef industry. Let them know how their decisions are impacting your livelihood and stress to them the importance of preserving the great American agricultural heritage. Our future depends on it.

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