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PETA Protest Calls For Extinction Of Cattle

peta protests cows

It’s hard to believe people still take a group like People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) seriously, as their escapades are so ridiculous and nonsensical. For instance, California-based SUN News reporters Brian Lilley and David Menzies recently reported on PETA’s protest of the dairy industry. The group’s logic is laughable, but it’s also quite disturbing that people could actually have such strong views so lacking in common sense. Keep reading to see what I mean.

One protester suggested that the animals would no longer suffer if they were no longer around.


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“They don’t want them to suffer, but they don’t want them to exist anymore,” concluded Brian Lilley, SUN News reporter. “I don’t care if they are vegetarians, but they want to force it on me. I’m not trying to shove a burger down their throats.”

“Their warped logic is amazing. They don’t want to see the animals and cows suffer, so they want them to be extinct,” added Menzies.

Menzies asked several of the protesters what would happen to these animals if they were no longer kept on farms and ranches.

One PETA member suggested that farm animals be kept in sanctuaries, which would be funded by the rice milk and almond milk industries. Another protester suggested that the cattle be released into the wild, where if they are given enough time and opportunity, they can find enough food in the wild to survive.

You can watch the entire video clip below. I think it’s important to keep an eye on what these wild-eyed fringe groups are saying about our industry. After all, if we don’t know what our adversaries are spreading around, we won’t be prepared to react to it. Even more important is promoting animal agriculture to the majority of folks who just want to be reassured that their food is safe and nutritious to feed their families, and that the animals that supply this food are well cared for.

If you had a chance to talk to one of these PETA campaigners, what would you say? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.


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