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PETA's Pathetic Publicity Stunts

pope_benedict_451.jpg It's no secret that PETA is just one of those organizations that is more concerned with getting publicity than actually making a difference in the lives of people or animals. Their terrorist tactics aim to grab media attention, but I doubt PETA's president Ingrid Newkirk actually believes her stunts will be taken seriously. For example, did you hear about PETA's letter to Pope Benedict XVI, urging him to eliminate animal products in Vatican City?

PETA’s vice president of policy and government affairs, Bruce Friedrich, who happens to also be a Catholic, sent a letter on December 21 to Pope Benedict XVI urging him, “In light of the overwhelming scientific evidence showing that human consumption of animal products is degrading the environment we urge you to go vegan and only serve vegan meals in Vatican City and at all Papal events. Going vegan and serving only vegan meals at the Vatican would help ensure a bright future for all.”

Really, PETA? Remember this is the same organization that hosts rallies of naked women on grills in the streets and equals the life of a boy to the life of a rat. With PETA's "charitable" works on display, I got to thinking about the volunteer efforts we make in the beef cattle industry. For me, I'm a proud supporter of the All-American Beef Battalion and the National Beef Ambassador Program. I'm also active in my local church, and I regularly donate items to Goodwill. Finally, I'm a huge fan of Heifer International; I think it's a great way to feed families around the world.

So, which charities are your favorite? Have you sent any donations to help Haiti recover from this devastating earthquake? Do you donate food to the local pantry? Do you clean ditches and recycle? Share your past experiences and recommended charities in the comments section below. Thanks for all you do!