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Photo Caption Contest Winners Announced

Photo Caption Contest Winners Announced

Last week, we asked for captions for this image of calving season captured by Lauren Chase. With calving already underway for many cattlemen across the country, I thought it was a fitting photograph to highlight our January contest.

We loved all of your ideas, and it was certainly hard to narrow it down to just four entries. Four BEEF magazine editors chose their favorites. Winners will take home a copy of “Ranch School 101” by Don Gill.

Barnes and Noble describes “Ranch School 101” as, “a cartoonist’s view of what not to do on a ranch. World-renowned cartoonist and rancher Don Gill illustrates cartoons that show ranch mishaps in a funny and informative way; his cartoons will make you laugh but they will also teach you what to do (or rather what not to do) on a ranch. Through his travels and documentation of the West, David R. Stoecklein has witnessed many ranch mishaps. He worked very closely with Don to tell all of the stories that he has personally witnessed, been a part of, or heard around the campfire. This book contains over 120 cartoons and is a must-have for every horseman, rancher, and urban cowboy.”

Without further ado, here are our top four picks:

  • Amanda Radke’s pick: “Keep Calm and Grow!” by Danielle Patterson
  • Jamie Purfeerst’s pick: "Left leg, right leg, left leg, right you're walking." by Randy
  • Joe Roybal’s pick: "Okay little guy. This way to lunch." by Widavis
  • Burt Rutherford’s pick: "The life of a rancher, his love for his job, is felt anew with each new born calf!" by Meria

Congratulations to our winners and thanks to all who participated.

By the way, it’s only a couple of weeks until our next contest. Mark your calendars for Valentine’s Day. Feb. 14th will be the day we launch our “Winter” photography contest, so grab your cameras and start clicking those memorables scenes and situations! I will announce more details about the contest as it gets closer. Thanks again for making these contests fun!

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